"Credit Card" Knife

The Extremely Durable Surgical Steel Folding Knife Is 100% Concealable Yet Folds Out Instantly For Effective Survival, Self Defense Or Everyday Use!

  • Ultra Slim - Only 2mm thin, it folds up to the size of a credit card. You can safely fit it in your wallet, pocket, or even purse!
  • Quick and Simple Conversion - Instantly folds out to transform from fully concealed into a fully functional and reliable knife that stays open, unlike some knives that accidentally snap shut on your fingers!
  • Surgical Steel Blade - Known for its consistently rust-free sharpness, surgeons around the world rely on this same durable surgical stainless steel!
  • Protective Hand Guard - Keeps the grip in your hand and prevents accidental cuts from slipping over the blade, even when wet.
  • Built-In Safety Sheath - Preventative safety design so you never cut yourself on an open blade when placing the knife in your pocket or pack. Also keeps the blade sharp and prevents blunting.
  • Snap-Open, Waterproof Locking Mechanism - Designed to open quickly and stay open. No metal hinges means it's lighter to carry than regular knives with no rusting!

WARNING: The blades are 100% surgical steel which means they will obviously set off any type of metal detector. Do NOT attempt to smuggle onto airlines as they will be noticed. Surgical Steel is undoubtedly known for it's super sharp edge so please take care when handling this product. Obviously meant for adults only. We will not be responsible for any injuries or damages.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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